VP-II X Hand Vascular Scanner


   VP-II X is a biometric scanner which verifies users individually unique vascular patterns extracted from the hypoderm below the surface of the skin of the back of the hand using an infra-red based sensor device (HVPR Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition technology). The vascular pattern cannot be seen by the naked eye and is not easily affected by scars or contamination of hands. This results in no performance degradation in harsh environments, makes it 100% tamper-proof and eliminates privacy concerns with other biometric modalities. By utilizing HVPR technology, 99.98% of the entire population is able to use the system accurately and with the verification speed of 0.4 seconds, eliminating user bottlenecks and the requirement of a separate backdoor.
   The VP-II X Hand Vascular Scanner provides an excellent accuracy and verification speed (throughput) with the lowest false rejection rates. A card reader module for Mifare, DESFire, iClass, TWIC or proximity cards can be installed inside the VP-II X scanner. An external card reader can be also connected to the VP-II X scanner via the Wiegand or serial interface.
   The VP-II X Hand Vascular Scanner also provides fully integrated TCP/IP ethernet communications among VP-II X scanners in the network as well as a server where the NetControl-X application software runs.

Hand Vascular Pattern System Specification

Hand Vascular Pattern System Usage

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