Airports / Sea Ports

MOSAIC in Tampa, FL
The Techsphere VP-II hand vascular biometric reader was listed in the TWIC ICE (Initial Capability Evaluation) test passed device as an operational biometric.
The VP-II hand vascular reader has been chosen as a daily basis operational biometric access control system by MOSAIC for its TWIC card holders.

Halifax Port Authority, Nova Scotia, Canada
From the Halifax Port Authority’s harbour entrance to the Bedford Basin, the port stretches 29 km. Within that space there are 14 facilities ranging from an autoport handling 100,000 vehicles a year, to an oil refinery where tanker vessels are loaded and discharged at Imperial Oil’s wharves which are connected to its refinery by pipeline. There are also power generation facilities, a cruise ship facility, container terminals, shipyards, oil exploration facilities and public transit ferries that traverse back and forth across the harbour. Each year 200,000 cruise ship passengers passing through the port as do more than two million tonnes of cargo. After 9/11 they needed to upgrade their physical security areas and decided to adopt the hand vascular reader with the HVPR technology. For the biometric portion of the project, Gord Helm, (Former Manager of Marine Security and Cruise Operations) hasn’t been considering fingerprint or iris scan, but rather vascular scan technology that scans the veins on the back of your hand. “This type of technology has an excellent reputation for being secure from false attempts. It is almost impossible to duplicate or forge. “It’s the least intrusive for individuals with the highest rate of reliability and the least susceptible to tampering, so that is certainly one of the ones at the top of our list, in terms of its ability to be used in the environment of Halifax as well.”
Over 60 hand vascular scanners have been installed to the port facilities since 2008

Vancouver Port, British Columbia, Canada
PBA Engineering of Vancouver was contracted by the Vancouver Port Authority (VPA) to develop a requirements document for an upgrade to the security systems in place at the Cruise Facility. PBA evaluated a number of possible biometric identification solutions and chose the VP-II Vascular Scanners as the only viable biometric solution for use in level 2 security areas of the complex.

New Orleans Airport
The VP-II X hand vascular scanner is used for daily access control for restricted areas. The VP-II hand reader is configured for triple factor authentication, so the user needs to present the iClass card, present their hand, and then enter a pin number for a valid verification.

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