Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System

User privacy is ensured as the hand vascular data can only be enrolled and verified with the user voluntarily providing their hand to the VP-II X. The vascular pattern cannot be seen by the naked eye and it cannot be inadvertently left behind by user.
This eliminates privacy concerns users have with other biometric modalities.

The VP-II X solution platform was developed to all industry standards to fully integrate with existing PACS legacy systems utilizing Wiegand and TCP/IP protocols. The system works with industry standard cards including Proximity, TWIC/PIV, iCLASS and Mifare.

By utilizing individually unique Hand Vascular Patterns, 99.8% of the entire population is able to use the system accurately and with the verification speed of 0.4 seconds, eliminating user bottlenecks and the requirement of a separate backdoor.

Resulting from the HVPR system using the vascular data from the blood vessels dispersed in the hypoderm below the surface of the skin on the back of the hand using infrared light, a user’s vascular pattern cannot be copied, making it 100% tamper-proof.

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