Government Organizations

FDNY (Fire Department of New York)
Our VP-II hand vascular biometric scanner has been standardized as a biometric access control device for the FDNY. The VP-II hand readers have been installed to a few locations for security access control to EMT, fleet facilities, etc. The vascular readers have all built-in Mifare card reader modules to read/write the specific cards for FDNY, and integrated with a 3rd party PACS (Physical Access Control System) via Wiegand interface.

DCAS (Department of Citywide Administrative Services) New York City
The VP-II hand vascular scanners are used for daily access control functions since 2007.

BC Lotteries, Canada
The VP-II X hand vascular scanner is used for daily access control for lottery printing facilities. The VP-II hand biometric readers are configured to read/write the HID iClass cards using the internally built-in iClass readers.

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